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So the last chapter of one of my all time favourite manga came out and I have alllllll the feels. This manga was such a strong positive influence on me and is full of so many important messages.  I am really going to miss having a chapter to read each month, but it ended on such a high note that I can’t really feel put out. The characters reached a point their lives that they can start anew with all their relationships and experiences giving them the strength they need to move on. And although there may be a few questions left unanswered regarding Rubel, the Organisation and the war on the Mainland, I feel satisfied even if I never find out more about them.

To think I only picked up this series because my favourite band happened to do the op for anime adaptation. I would have missed out on so much! I really feel like I can’t express how much joy this series has given me. Even if some of it is just little silly things like having a character that has my pretty uncommon name. 

To any of my few followers, if you haven’t read this series, please give it a try! If even just one person picks it up, I’d be really happy (plus I’d love someone to fangirl with ^_^)


I’ve noticed that Riou from Suikoden 2 is dressed almost exactly the same as Monkey from the 70s TV show, Monkey Magic. it seems too exact to be just a coincidence. do you know if Konami based Riou’s look on Monkey?”

oh okay let’s just check this out





I noticed this too!! I think Riou’s design seems to be similar to a few of characters based on Sun Wukong from Journey to the West;Monkey as mentioned above, Saiyuki the manga/ anime’s Goku, the Saiyuki live action tv series’ Goku (played by that dude from SMAP…Shingo Katori I think?)…..even in the movie Paprika there is a short part of a dream sequence where she appears dressed like Sun Wukong and riding a flying cloud and it features a lot of similar elements. The circlet and the colours red and yellow seem to feature prominently in all the designs.

I never really thought about it too hard before, but now I wonder if it has any deeper meaning for Riou. Any ideas?



『美少女戦士セーラームーン』とのコラボ第2弾、発売アイテムをいよいよ発表!via Peach John

oh my GOSH you guys, i’m so excited! i really want the pluto fuku and makoto’s school uniform OP

Aw man, I actually really want Rei’s fuku…

Omg this is a thing? Do want so bad *_* I love the Saturn fuku
If only I had $80 to spend on Sailor Senshi underwear…..



『美少女戦士セーラームーン』とのコラボ第2弾、発売アイテムをいよいよ発表!via Peach John

oh my GOSH you guys, i’m so excited! i really want the pluto fuku and makoto’s school uniform OP

Aw man, I actually really want Rei’s fuku…

Omg this is a thing? Do want so bad *_* I love the Saturn fuku

If only I had $80 to spend on Sailor Senshi underwear…..

Since everyone seems to be with the Flik feels today I thought I’d chime in. I was 7 when I first played,and it didn’t occur to me that I had a full blown crush on the blue idiot until half way through the game my sister got sick of me bugging her to have him in our party all the time and went “what do you LIKE him or something??ugh” and I was like omg I really really do O_O At the end when you’re left hanging as to whether he and Viktor survive I got totally upset and concocted all these headcanons on how they’d made it out alive. Flik was mostly behind these heroic endeavours because hero worship the hottie? yes I did (no disrespect Viktor ilu you too).

So when Suikoden 2 came out years later and you first meet Flik and Viktor again I was like “OMG SEE I KNEW!! IT KNEW IT! WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!” and holy shit, Flik somehow got even hotter during those few years and he has that half grin on his face and that cool new outfit with that weird bit which kind of looks like a garter belt (srsly tho what is that?) and I was sucked right back into hardcore fangirling every time he was on screen. I loved how he had grown so much and the banter scenes and his sass and the mentions he makes of his strong love for Odessa. That whole game Flik was just a++++++

It’s kind of funny though that I didn’t even realize Flik and Odessa were a couple until I was like on my 5th play through because I was just so excited to be playing a game with so many fun characters and stories. When I finally got it I was like ooooooooooohhhh. And since Odessa was my favourite character already the fact that she was Flik’s lover was just extra awesomeness.

Flik started a life long obsession with spikey haired characters wearing bandannas. Any character that even vaguely resembles him is an instant like until proven otherwise. I am eternally sad that I will never have a figurine of him because konami are more interested in other franchises these days.

Thank you to everyone who liked my Odessa cosplay! I’m really shy and it gave me the courage to enter the Suikoden Day 2014 cosplay competition :) I’m really grateful for your kind words.

I hope everyone had a great Suikoden Day and I have really enjoyed seeing all the activity in the tags! 


Aaaand it’s done. I’m not too good at wording things, so hopefully it’s understandable enough :P


  • Headquarters! In each game you have a headquarters for your army. Usually it’s a castle on some body of water, but Suikoden 4 ups the ante by just giving you a very large boat. In your headquarters, your Stars of Destiny live and mingle around, and some run shops where you can buy runes, items, armor, have your weapons sharpened, things like that. There are also minigames! Certain characters run gambling games, cooking games, you can go fishing… Your headquarters expands with the more Stars of Destiny you recruit for your army. 
  • Suikoden II is considered the high point of the series while IV is the lowest, but all of them are genuinely worth playing and you’re missing out on a big party of the overall story if you skip one, honestly. The games all tie together which means there are a lot of recurring characters, people in more than one game, and it definitely gives you a feel of good storytelling to see how some characters age and develop in between games. 
  • Suikogaiden is, like I said, a visual novel that revolves around Nash Laktje, a young man on a quest for revenge for his family. It gives a more in-depth look at certain characters and events in Suikoden II, and sets down concepts used in Suikoden III. 
  • Suikoden III has a manga! That has been published in America/in English! Of course the story is told slightly differently but if you’re not into playing games you could at the very least read the Suikoden III manga.

I really really wanted to make a slide for each game and briefly describe the plot but I also didn’t want too many slides, so I’m just gonna make a bullet list and add the TV Tropes synopses:

  1. The young son of Imperial General Teo McDohl lives a comfortable, happy life in the Scarlet Moon Empire with his famous father, house full of personal bodyguards, and best friend Ted. However, everything gets turned upside down when he winds up with the Soul Eater, one of the 27 True Runes, stuck on his right hand. Turns out the empire’s really interested in said True Rune, and young McDohl finds himself roped into the Liberation Army and forced to face off against his father and his country.
  2. Three years after the events of the original game, the nation of Jowston has just signed a ceasefire with the Highland Kingdom. The protagonist, an orphan adopted by the late hero Genkaku, has just joined the army alongside his best friend Jowy. However, they fall afoul of one of the most twisted examples of a False Flag Operation ever attempted, courtesy of Luca Blight. Barely escaping this fate, they soon find themselves saddling with the two halves of the Rune of the Beginning, the Black Sword Rune and the Bright Shield Rune. From there, their paths split, as the protagonist takes the traditional hero’s route and Jowy sets out to break the system from within, setting the stage for a war where both sides fight for the exact same goal.
  3. The first Suikoden game on the PS2, Suikoden III revolves around several smaller groups of heroes long before the Stars of Destiny come into play. Set fifteen years after the events of Suikoden II, it begins with an uneasy cease-fire between the Grassland tribes and the mercantile nation of the Zexen Confederacy. Meanwhile, the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia is waiting for a secret truce with the Grasslanders to hurry up and expire so they can launch their own offensive. This simmering pot of tensions boils over with a single horrific act, and the chain of events is filtered through the eyes — and guided by the actions of — several protagonists. In this way, the game introduces many of the Stars of Destiny in smaller groups, resulting in more Character Development and allowing the player a much more extensive view into the motivations of every faction involved in the conflict, up to the point where the storylines merge and the heroes unite against a common enemy.
  4. Set over 150 years before the events of the first SuikodenSuikoden IV takes place in the ocean far south of the Scarlet Moon Empire, revolving around the islands that would come to be known as the Island Nations following the events of this game. It tells the tale of Lazlo, a recent graduate of the Gaien Marine Knights Academy on the nation’s island colony of Razril. He gets snared in a deadly chain of events involving the Rune of Punishment, one of the most dangerous of the 27 True Runes, and winds up wrongfully accused of murder and exiled. From there, he is drawn into the resistance movement as the islands are attacked by the aggressive Kooluk Empire.
  5. Suikoden Tactics: Suikoden Tactics tells the story of Kyril, the son of a Scarlet Moon officer, as he investigates and uncovers a massive conspiracy revolving around Rune Cannons. A complex web of political intrigue, rebellion, insurrection and a dying empire is further complicated by other agents of the Scarlet Moon with their own priorities regarding Kooluk and the Rune Cannons.Tactics/Rhapsodia ties up many of the loose ends left over from IV, providing key information that helped the plot of the prior game make sense.
  6. Suikoden V is set five years before the events of Suikoden I, and chronicles a period of great internal strife in the Queendom of Falena. Though technically a monarchy, the aristocracy holds so much power within Falena that their squabbles and power-plays threaten to de-stablise the whole country. Complicating matters is the presence of the Sun Rune, an royal artifact of apocalyptic power and one of the 27 True Runes in the world of Suikoden. Years ago, Queen Arshtat bound the Sun Rune to herself to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, but now she is slowly succumbing to its malevolent influence and threatening to unleash a great disaster upon the world. The Player Character is the Prince of Falena, an unimportant figurehead who is not in line to the throne. That is, until a coup d’état forces him out of Falena and into hiding. With his little sister forced to act as the head of a puppet government, it’s up to the scrappy royal-in-exile to step out of the shadow of those who would manipulate him for their own ends and gather an army to take back his homeland.
  7. A Suikoden Gaiden Game for the DS, Suikoden Tierkreis is set in a parallel world unconnected to the main series, though it contains many of the familiar themes mixed with the exploration of fate, destiny and free will. Sieg, an optimistic young warrior from Citro Village whose motto is “You never know until you try!”, is out fighting monsters with several of his childhood friends when they witness a strange occurence… that nobody else seems to remember afterwards. However, they also come across the Shining Legacy, a book which seems to help awaken the Starbearers and the magical abilities known as the Mark of the Stars. Their investigation soon leads them into conflict with The Order of the One True Way, a group that preaches that all is decided by fate and everyone’s destiny is predetermined.

Those are all the games that are translated to English. TV Tropes does a much better job of summarizing them than I ever could.

Right now on Facebook an annual event going on called “Suikoden Day” is taking place here. There are cosplay contests, fan art contests, fanfiction contests, you name it. It’s a good way for fans to get together and rave about the series we’re all pretty devoted to, and if you haven’t played the series I’m sure you could shoot some questions on to the page and people would be more than happy to talk to you about them!

There’s also the Suikoden Revival Movement, which has a Facebook page as well as a tumblr here at suikodenrevival. As their name suggests, they’re dedicated to getting attention from Konami in the hopes that they’ll take more interest in the Suikoden series. 

There are also quite a few people here on tumblr who are big fans and we’re always hoping to get more people interested in the series!

This is a great break down of the series. I hope it inspires people to play!

My Odessa Silverberg cosplay revisited. There were a few things I decided to change after the first shoot, and a few things I learned, so we did another shoot :) I hope that I’ve made an improvement. Photos taken by idon’treallycomehereanymore, shoot assistant and my collaborator on the cosplay white-room and photo editing by etoile-sama.

I’m thinking of entering it into the Suikoden Day 2014 Cosplay Competition. But I’m not sure of which photo to go with; does anyone have any thoughts on which one would be best?

Nanami Day

Without me realizing it, Nanami Day has rolled around again (7 = “nana” and 3 = “mi” in Japanese, so it can be said “NanaMi” day). I don’t know if a lot of people remember/ celebrate these fandom days; I only discovered them from pixiv myself. I’m not as active of a Suikoden fan as I used to be, I mostly just look around in the tag for fanart I haven’t seen yet and the nostalgic happiness it gives me. But a few of the fandom days stick out to me and this is one of them; Nanami is one of my favourite characters so I think a little about her on this day every year.

Sometimes I have come across posts of people saying they disliked her for her “pretend death” in Suikoden 2. I know everyone’s opinion is their own, and it doesn’t bother me that people don’t like her as much as I do. But I think to hate her for this reason is a little…strange I guess.

Firstly, if you don’t meet the requirements for the best ending she really does DIE. She stands in front of her brother to protect him and she goes down. She is gone forever. If you are new to the games and don’t know about getting all 108 SODS and having to have them by a certain point in the game, then the injury she receives kills her.

Second, if you have got everything done at the right point and she does survive, then yes, she pretended to die. But I never even once hated her her or had a bad feeling towards her for that. She says multiple times in the game that seeing this war play out between the two people she loves most is hurting her and that she just wants to run away with Riou. You can even do this; you can agree with her and leave. Nanami is a strong girl, she can hold her own in a fight and she does her best for those she cares about. But seeing Riou and Jowy fight and seeing people die because of it is tearing her apart. At the beginning of the game she has already been waiting for her two boys to come back from a war, then they get plunged into another. She may not be the main character, and she doesn’t have the burden of a rune, but she is seriously affected by it: she is watching the only two people she considers family try to destroy each other. She feels she cannot keep going like that,and that to do so would badly affect her brother and therefore the people under his command.I always felt under the circumstances what Nanami did was understandable at least, to go back to Kyaro and wait patiently for if and when the day comes they can be together again. I think that even the fact that the game gives the option to run away with her suggests that the writers wanted the players to understand that, to step back from being Riou for just a moment and see it from her point of view. Nanami honestly thought that her continuing to stay with Riou would hurt both him and the cause of the army. Whether by her feelings of pain affecting her/ her brother, or her brother abandoning his men and his cause just to protect her, she felt she couldn’t stay. Yes, faking her death is a bit extreme, I know. But of all the dumb decisions made by characters in the game for what they think “will be for the best”, I don’t think it tops the list.

Thirdly, she is just a kid when all of this happens. She is at best early to mid teens. I know for sure that not all of my decisions at the same age were great. And I know that if I was under similar circumstances I wouldn’t be able to keep a calm head and make all the right calls. The main three characters of the game are all kids; and while their ages don’t entirely excuse them from making bad choices, it is a factor to be considered. 

Fourth, as far as bringing back a “dead” character goes they already used up the one time only hey look magic and something about gates story for Gremio. If they had done a similar thing in Suikoden 2, it would have been a cop out and I think as a player I would have been dissatisfied. In a story about war and loss and tragedy, I think they did a reasonable job of putting a story behind Nanami’s survival. It didn’t feel out of place or rushed to me; I know that there are people out there who think that the plot goes kind of loopy towards the end of the game, and maybe since it is my favourite JRPG ever I see it through rose coloured glasses, but I love the story as a whole. I have never ever been as moved by a game as I was by Suikoden 2.

It got kind of long, but that what I thought about on Nanami Day this year. Maybe if someone who doesn’t like her much reads this and  their view of her is changed a little, that’s great. But if it doesn’t, it’s your opinion :) I won’t try and force you to like her. To me, she is a badass girl who loves her family with all her heart and would give herself up to protect them. I love how she breaks herself out of jail, and how her terrible cooking is legendary. Being told she is bad at something doesn’t stop her trying. She is awesome and amazingly and I will enjoy seeing the slew of new fanart that will appear on tegaki or pixiv for today.


Undercover Warriors
from Claymore Volumes 1 - 26
By Norihiro Yagi

Yay Undercover Warriors master post!

I really love the Claymore manga, and I always think that the undercover illustrations are beautiful. For the most part, these pictures don’t focus on what nudity or difference in body types there may be, but on the fact that these are proud, beautiful badass ladies who can fuck shit up.

This manga,the undercover art, the characters and the relationships formed by them are so positive to me and I really wish more people knew about this series. If anyone who follows me hasn’t read this series, please give it a go!

Omg YES. YES! This chapter is everything I have been waiting for! *__*